It’s time for the results of our contest!  Woooo!!

3rd place: “Introducing Xtreme Phonetics!  It’s like phonetics, but with Chomsky’s political opinions!” by wuqs

2nd place: “It’s easy to learn a new language!  All you need is Google Translate" by april-comeshewill

…and…drumroll please…

1st place: “Some say linguistics is a humanity.  Others say it’s a science.  But I say it really has more to do with destroying prescriptivism" by dftba-starkids

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!  Hope you had fun :)  As a prize for everyone, we’ve posted all our current cards as PDF files here - we’ll update every couple of weeks.  (The PDFs are hosted by Google Drive - let us know if you have any issues downloading so we can fix it!)

We’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow - remember, you can still submit card ideas :)

Rock on,

The LAH Team




If I ever get married, our vows better be based on the Team Rocket motto.

I vow to protect you from devastation.
To unite our privates and feel sensation.
To pronounce you as my one true love,
and see the glitter of your eyes in the stars above.
Team Rocket, married, committed for life!
Pronounce us now, as husband and wife!
Priiiiiiest! Alright!

This is the best thing I’ve seen on Tumblr today.

(Source: kikicanfly)

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